Pete Gallinari

Keyboards and Vocals

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Peter Louis Gallinari, the newest member of SUNDOWN, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, has been playing keyboards since the age of eight… He now resides in Dutchess County, NY where he officially began his music career. Playing in well-known rock bands such as: EZTOPLEZE, Rosetta Stone & BBGrand. Peter expanded his musical talents to songwriting and singing.

In the mid 80’s Peter was signed with the producer of Cool ‘N The Gang for three years, where he wrote, sang, and performed with a team for new upcoming artists. In 1991 Peter met the famous Angel Wallenda of the world renowned Flying Wallenda’s. Finding out that Angel was diagnosed with Cancer, he wrote the song “Life On The Wire” which was used in a TV feature on ABC about Angel’s life story. The song became Angel’s theme song for her shows, before her unfortunate passing.

In 1995 he wrote and performed the song “Tell Me Why” which was written for the Oklahoma Disaster. His song was aired nationally. Major newspapers across the nation had written articles about his song. ABC Television did a featured interview on Peter expressing their thanks for what he had done.

The turn of the century did Peter good…. In 2000 he had the opportunity to hook up with one of the greatest rock guitarist in the business, Richie Scarlet. Peter performed on Scarlet’s new CD “The Insanity of Life” featuring artist like: Ace Frehley, Leslie West, Ty Tabor, Anton Fig…and toured in 2002 as Richie’s keyboardist and background vocalist. Not just regulars of the NYC club scene, the band conquered the East Coast performing at venues from Boston, Mass. to Tampa, Florida.

Many new opportunities opened up for Pete such as playing with Fergi Ferguson, former lead singer of TOTO and Larry Hoppen of Orleans, Joe Buchard of Blue Oyster Cult, Dennis Dunaway of Alice Cooper, Anton Fig of David Letterman, Ace Frehley of KISS, Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge). Peter also did a tour with Leslie West & Mountain in 2006. Peter still tours with Richie Scarlet. He completed the new Richie Scarlet CD ‘Revelation Surpreme’. Peter’s latest accomplishments is a song he wrote for the Tsunami Disaster “Lives Will Begin” and also a song for the Virgina Tech Shooting “How could things be this way”. Just recently completed a dedication song for the Pilot Capt. Sully who saved the US Airway Plan. Peter is now working with Anthony Culver on his new project as his keyboardist/Arranger/Backup Vocalist.