Jimmy Milito

Keyboards and Vocals


with Henry Paul

Jimmy Milito has been playing the keyboards (which include a variety of instrumental sounds from Piano to Organ to String Ensembles to Flute, to mention just a few) and singing since 1966 starting the young age of four years old. The late Buddy Milito (Jimmy's Father) played the piano beautifully all his life, never taking a lesson, strictly and solely playing "by ear"! Jimmy was the only one out of the three children in the family to be gifted with inheriting this musical "gene". Jimmy claims this "gene" to be a gift from God and boasts that his Father will never be gone, as his Dads musical talent lives and flows through his mind, heart, arms and fingers and into the audience at each and every performance.

Jimmy has been performing ever since, starting a garage (or should I say living room) band in grade school called "Gor's 4" which consisted of Jimmy (Gor was Jimmy's nickname and we'll just leave it at that!!!!), guitarist John Rooney, Trish Ryan & Robin Jackson (their girl/friends and backup vocalists). "Gor's 4's" first claim to fame was taking first place in a Gong Show held by their grade school (OLF). The rest was history!!

Jimmy's parents were just thrilled to return home from shopping one day only to find Jimmy and the band ripping plywood and building a stage taking up 1/3 of their living room! There was "Gor"!!,…. at it again!!! Jimmy continued performing through the years with such bands as "Starburst", (a famous 12 piece wedding and special events outfit), "Eddie-U and the Turns", "Pipers Riot", "Billy & the Boys" and many others, including fill in spots for "The Southern Cross Band" when their "piano man" turned up ill or unavailable.

Just after the conception of SUNDOWN, Jimmy joined the band as a result of his original "Gor's 4" member "Trish Ryan" seeing Sundown perform, hearing they were auditioning keyboard players and saying…..HEY! I know this guy Gor!..who plays the piano! Once again, the rest was history!!!!

Jimmy has been performing with SUNDOWN since 1981 to sold out, line out the door and up the street audiences almost every weekend and at more clubs and venues then there are colors in the spectrum! Jimmy is also the lead vocalist for the band and has studied voice as well as music theory at Westchester Community Collage. Jimmy also has a recording studio in his home were he works on original material often. Jimmy is also looking forward to producing a SUNDOWN original CD with the band which he feels is long overdue! Jimmy's proudest and happiest moments are the ones spent with original member and life long friend Ronnie Pauls as well and the rest of the players in the group. The love for his music, the love for performing is a true testament and gift that shines through on stage. Jimmy and SUNDOWN is not just a band, it a living dream! Come see Jimmy and the rest of the boys perform and see for yourself…..a living dream!.