Fred Andreassi

Bass Guitar


with Doug Grey

Tarrytown Music Hall, May 2010

Bassist Fred Andreassi joined the band in 1993. Born March 13,1950, he is the oldest of identical twin boys. He started playin’ guitar in 1963. He and his brother Nat, a drummer, we’re in a very successful top 40 band … The DISCORDS … in high school. They opened for the RASCALS in 1966, at the Westchester Civic Center, in White Plains, NY and at that time Fred played rhythm guitar. But, with the end of the 60’s, so came the band. You know, the ususal stuff. They graduated high school, and other band members lost interest.

The 70’s brought on other various bands and projects for Fred, most of them unsuccessful. And he was introduced the bass guitar ( only 4 strings !!?! how hard could it be ?? ). He also got married and bought a house in 1984, and he re-united with drummer/brother ( he aint heavy ! ) Nat in a top 40 bar band called MAGIC. Then of course that band broke up and Fred spent time jamming at the local bars. While on the home front he and his wife had three boys !!!

Then finally it's March 1993. He and his family moved to Mamaroneck,NY and met Ronnie Pauls. He asked Fred to join with The SUNDOWN Band and the rest is history !!!!!

Fred also plays :
     acoustic 6-string…his favorite instrument !!
     little bit of piano
     even less drums
     up right bass
     and lead tambourine !!!!

Other performances:
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