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The SUNDOWN Band has been performing their brand of southern
rock and roll cover and tribute shows since 1976. Each and everytime
the band has been reviewed, the response is the basically the same:
"This is the absolute best performing southern rock cover and tribute band
you will ever hear. You will be hard pressed to find another band that
performs with the talent, passion, and intensity that these guys bring
to the stage everynight." - WPDH 101.5 FM

"It is nice to FINALLY hear a band "PLAYING" Southern Rock and not
obsessed with "COPYING" Southern Rock. 99% of the bands who play these
songs are so damn obsessed with copying the songs note for damn note
that they lose fact of what it is they are doing. They sound stiff and
there is no "LIFE" in the music they are trying so hard to copy. The
musicians in SUNDOWN obviously are ENJOYING playing the songs and are
not just covering the songs, but are PLAYING them and it shows!"
Tom Soares (SC Publicity - Lynyrd Skynyrd & 38 Special)

"... one of the best bands out there ..." - More Sugar Magazine

"The SUNDOWN Band delivers an authentic and raw emotional
performance riviling the origional artists themselves. This
band will leave you in awe!" - Danbury CityCenter

"You are by far the most talented, energetic, and passionate performers
that I have seen live, and I would like to say thank you for making
tonight one of the most memorable nights of my live music viewing experiences"
CDT Lieutenant Robin Swan, Infantry (West Point)

Saw your show at BB Kings openning for The Outlaws. We
all knew when you finished your set, that The Outlaws had their
work cut out for them! You guys were great! - Jeff

Being raised in WV you know I love your music, Have heard a lot
of locals back home doing Southern Rock over the years and they
were good, but you guys are the best. Thanks - Big Don

These Guys have to be one of the best bands around. - Lynn Sound Systems

As a guitarist for over 40 years, I appreciate what it takes to
play at that level. You guys were so tight, crisp, clear, and definitly
"Hittin'The Note"! - Neil (on our show at BB Kings Jan 16, 2009)

Westchester Nite Life - You guys are fantastic - the sound is incredible and you put on a great show

Hells Angels - One Bad Ass Band
Darkside MC - You guys fucking rock
Yonkers MC - Great Band
Charter Oak MC - Awesome band
Wild Pigs MC - Loved you guys
Steel-N-Ink MC - Great Southern Rock Band "MC events = a must have band"

Quotes from the professional artists we have worked with

Rick Derringer - "I've known professional touring bands that have been together
for 30 years that aren't as tight nor sound as good as you guys."

Chris Hicks (Outlaws/Marshall Tucker) - "Of all the bands that have openned for us,
you guys are the only ones doing it right! You guys play with balls!"

Phil McCormack (Molly Hatchet) - "You guys were on fire. Definitly the best local band we've ever worked with!"

Dave Hlubek (Molly Hatchet) - "Loved your playing! You guys are too good not to be out their nationally!"

Doug Grey (Marshall Tucker) - "I love you guys, I can listen to you play anytime."

Don Barnes (.38 Special) - "You guys really smoked out there. Excellent band."
Donnie Van Zant (.38 Special) - "Grey Ghost was awesome! Your band rocks."
Hughie Thomasson (The Outlaws & Lynyrd Skynyrd) - "You guys are excellent."
Henry Paul (The Outlaws) - "Awesome, very impressive."
Monty Yoho (The Outlaws) - "I love working with you guys, you're great!"
Johnny Neel (Allman Brothers & X2)- "From backstage I thought you were the Allman Brothers out there"
Jakson Spires (Blackfoot & Southern Rock Allstars) - "You guys are excellent. Loved your show!"
Charlie Hargrett (Blackfoot) - "You guys definitly kick some ass!"

National Acts we have opened for:

Reviews and Fan Comments

Full Throttle review of 2010 Motorcycle & Tattoo Show at Victors

Full Throttle review of 2009 Motorcycle & Tattoo Show at Daniel J's

Full Throttle review of 2008 Motorcycle & Tattoo Show at The Haunt

Review by Roger Z July 2007

NY Times Article on SUNDOWN - Sunday, Nov 19, 2006

Donna Kessler (Times Herald Record) - You guys were awesome!
East Side Custom Choppers - This band rocks!
The Chance - Phenomenal!
Wise Guys Watering Hole (Daytona,Fl) - You guys are the best!
Moroneys Harley Davidson - Best band I ever heard.
Fall Motorcycle Classic - You guys are great!

Croton-On-Hudson Entertainment Committee
"The best entertainment tax dollars we've ever spent! "

Mike - You guys are the best Skynyrd show I've seen since Skynyrd [20x]! Loved it!

Maurizio (Italy) - Great Southern Rock!!!
Chris - I've been seein' your shows for years
and just when I thought you couldn't get any
tighter you tweaked it up another notch. SHIT KICKIN'!!!!!
Al - The best southern rock show I have ever experienced
Conner - You guys really inspired me
Maggie - Have yet to find any band up here that even comes close to you guys!
Tony - What a powerful band
Dan - the best I've ever heard
George - you guys kick ass
Nick - It was awesome
Dan - you guys are great
Jason - You guys rock
Pamala - they were great
Debby - totally awesome
Jessica - kick ass
Vinnie - Great
Don - was so blown away to find a band as great as SUNDOWN
Freddy - you guys are an inspiration!
Tom - You guys sound fantastic
Tommy - amazing - fucking awesome - the band blew me away
Lisa - Great show
Dean - the best tribute I have seen in years, Lynyrd Skynyrd would
be proud of the way you play there tunes
Amanda - the best
Joe - awesome show
Amy - you guys are AWESOME! love the music and the crowd you draw in. what an atmosphere!
Bobby - have yet to see any other band that comes close to your talents.
Two of the absolute best guitarists I have ever witnessed
Kevin - awesome
Michele - great band
Cathy - great musicians

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